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    Moving Green Today LLC joins together with Passionate Partnerships in support of our local Non-Profits, and Church Ministries. We are 100% committed to re-purpose and donate all remaining items to fulfill the needs of our community.




Dear Leslie,
Thank you for the excellent work you and your team provided in the clean out of my parents’ home.

Your can-do attitude was appreciated, especially given the short deadline to empty the house in preparation for listing. The time you invested in assembling the “Do Not Remove List” for each room and in reaching out to your network of local charities prior to the start of the job provided clarity and efficiency during our walkthrough. This was particularly helpful because I reside out of state. Text messaging with photos was also extremely useful in resolving questions as they arose. And the daily updates and photos of the progress were encouraging. Preparation and clear communication paid off when you beat the clean-out deadline! Emptying my parents’ home (with over 55 years of accumulation) was a huge task. But Moving Green Today accomplished it quickly and still treated everything with great care and respect. My mother would have been pleased to know that her furniture and belongings found new life and avoided the landfill.

Thank you again,
Janet Littlefield
January 2022
I retained the services of Leslie Butlar to help me with the huge task of cleaning out my late father’s home. He had lived in the house for 64 years. It was clear I needed help, as it looked like my parents rarely got rid of things!

I was given Leslie’s name and business information from a family member. Leslie and I talked, then met at my father’s house. I was given a packet of information on her business and how she worked to clear a property, repurposing all items that were not “junk” (impressive). She made suggestions of what personal items I needed to remove, as well as the need to dispose of hazardous materials. She quoted me a price and time frame for the work.

Her work, process, and communications were amazing! Each day, I received a text message letting me know when she and her team would be at the house, as well as when she left, assuring me house was locked. The few times I went to the property to see for myself how things were going, I saw neat notes of what item was going to what organization. After the house was emptied, she even did a light vacuuming.

Leslie also helped us with a property issue she observed, that we are so very grateful for! There was a slow drip of a bathtub faucet. It seemed minimal initially, but since the drain wasn’t working adequately, the tub filled up over several days. Leslie contacted me regarding the tub level and her concern. With her information we quickly got a plumber in to clear the drain. Had Leslie not relayed this observation to me, we would likely have had water damage.

Although we chose a full donation, she found some unique items and put them up on eBay for sale, giving us half the profit. She also found a large jar of foreign coins. I said I had no interest in them. Despite this, Leslie did her research and found a local foreign currency dealer, who took some of the coins and bills for cash. She surprised me with this gift when I met her for final payment. I was so surprised, I gave her back half the money, with pleasure. I was impressed that her timeline for the work was what she had estimated, as there was a lot of furniture and household items, and this all had to be done by appointment due to the pandemic restrictions.

Leslie is an energetic, detailed, knowledgeable and delightful person to have hired. I have already shared her contact information with my close friend who is a realtor. I would highly recommend Leslie and her company, Moving Green Today LLC.

With gratitude for her help and support.
Janet La Rochelle, San Jose, California
February 2021
Letter of Recommendation
Saratoga, California | Estate Clean Out

To Whom It May Concern,

I would highly recommend Moving Green Today’s services. As part of the settlement of my grandfather’s estate, it was necessary to clear out all items from his home - of almost 60 years! Leslie and her team did a fantastic job in every aspect. She set clear expectations and a realistic budget, updated me along the way (including setting pieces aside she thought may be valuable or sentimental), and finished the project in an efficient and effective manner. I also appreciate Moving Green Today’s emphasis on recycling and reusing as many of the items as possible – it is a refreshing approach compared to other providers we considered.

Leslie and her team truly cared and took pride in their work. Highly recommend!
Laura Andron | Executor | Saratoga, California
June 2021
Letter of Recommendation

Hello Leslie & Staff,

Thank you so much for the excellent job performed on the Individual Sales & Donation Clean-Out of our mother’s Home in Willow Glen, San Jose, California.

My brothers and I are so thankful for the help you provided as we faced the difficult task of disposing of our parent’s possessions after the loss of our mother. We went through everything prior to having your staff ready things for the Estate Sale/Donations and it would have been a daunting task to dispose of things without your wonderful contacts with so many local charities.

Being in the midst of the COVID Pandemic, coupled with the vast amount of surrounding fires and the resulting unprecedented poor air quality & extreme heat temperatures, Leslie’s established contacts allowed for scheduled appointments for some actual cash sales prior to the specialized donations of the remaining items & furniture. Providing pictures of the donated furniture placements was a nice touch and made us feel good knowing our parent’s furniture would live on to help others.

During these emotional times, it was wonderful to have you and your team step in and handle the difficult tasks of final disposal of family items and though it was difficult, seeing the house completely emptied and cleaned was a huge relief lifted from us .... and we are all very grateful for this wonderful, caring service.

From the first contact, I felt that Leslie was an honest & trustworthy business person, someone I could work with, with confidence, to handle this delicate situation. Now that the project is completed, we are beyond satisfied with Leslie & her staff’s work ethics and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Estate or Liquidation assistance. The services provided by Moving Green Today are priceless!

Thank you again and have a great day!
Susan Stevens - San Jose, California
September 2020
Leslie and Staff,

Thank you so much for your amazing effort to clean-out our Parent’s home in a compressed time period and during a pandemic. We had less then three weeks between the house sale and the closing of escrow and could not have completed the task without your help.

I’ve known Leslie since High School and knew that she and her team would be the right people to help us during this difficult time. Leslie’s energy and professionalism was evident from the start and showed in every aspect of the job. All communications were clear and timely. They created an inventory of all items cleaned out of the house, including which items were to be sold or donated to various charities and organizations.

We were very happy with everything Leslie and her team did for us and highly recommend Moving Green Today LLC to anyone needing assistance with a home clean-out.
Paul and Mark Gyorey
August 2020
Letter of Recommendation for Moving Green Today LLC and Leslie Butlar

We chose Moving Green Today LLC, Leslie Butlar, to do our Clean Out with Individual Sales and Services, at 20281 Glasgow Drive, Saratoga, CA (June 15-30) in order to get the house ready to be rented.

It was and is a challenging time, due to the current COVID-19 virus with all the rules and restrictions for everyone to follow. Everyone wore masks/gloves, with Social Distancing signs well posted throughout the house and front door. Each person was checked upon entering. Sales were by appointment only, with sales set up for a “Clean Out with individual sales only. All items were displayed beautifully and professionally, and things moved around as things sold.

We were very impressed with all aspects pertaining to Leslie, her initial presentation, the many photos taken of our items for sale, as well as her research, attention to detail, and customer service. We feel she went over and above what we had expected, especially in lieu of the current situation and all it entailed. Her attention to detail was very impressive and appreciated. Her vast network and knowledge helped tremendously to get our items to the best place for future sales (the items that did not sell). Some of our items were donated to various organizations, as well as some historical Sunnyvale Ranch photos, school class pictures, yearbooks, etc., donated to the Sunnyvale Historical Museum. The team boxed & carefully wrapped all items, and listed the inventory on each box (as well as giving us an inventory list). This was a huge task requiring many hours.

We had a Steinway piano & bench that was over 83 years old, and had no idea how It would sell or who would buy it. Leslie did extensive research to find the best place to sell it. It needed extensive refurbishing, tuning, and marketing, and it was ultimately sold to the Music Exchange in San Francisco. We very much appreciate all the work Leslie did on this for us.

We are very happy with everything Leslie and her team did for us, as well as leaving the house very clean at the end! Thank you to everyone!
Brad and Ginny Murray - Saratoga, CA Residents
July 2020

We are sharing with you a letter or recommendation for Moving Green Today, LLC.

We want to say so many things about the care that you and your team gave to us and our extended family as you were hired for a clean-out at Jeff’s mother’s home (his father having died before her). Anyone should keep in mind – this was more than a clean-out – rather a full sorting, organizing, and donating to great charities and non-profits every little item in the home that was not taken by family. And you accomplished it in a week’s time as our priority was to get the home ready for sale!

Moving Green means “green” – NOTHING is thrown away in a dumpster. First, we were asked to start by removing what the family wanted, and also taking care of a few things like removing all personal items with names or family images on them, this to protect our privacy. We also took some household wastes and old paints out to the San Jose waste (free) recycling site.

After that, the house still had lots of household items, pots and pans, plants, art and knick-knacks, not to mention clothes, shoes, hats, tablecloths, towels, linens, medical equipment, a Weber gas barbeque, queen and twin beds, two couches and a table and chairs, several easy chairs, a wall desk unit, shelves, desk supplies, a printer – you name it! Leslie – you and your team lovingly sorted, listed/tracked for our taxes, and boxed EVERYTHING salvageable. A few wood items were hauled away to recycling – but the trash and recycling bins at the house were EMPTY – that’s how good you folks are at getting non-profits to show!

A further honor was that the deceased’s favorite charities at St. Andrew’s and wider community – were coming and hauling out nice, still good items that will make other people comfortable, or support the people and programs that my family were proud to support while alive. This was incredible and we felt their spirits smiling down on all that was done!

You had a fair price and conducted hard work that let us to deal more easily with the other hard work (legal, funeral, rallying the survivors for closing of the estate, etc.). You came in on time and left the place empty and in beautiful shape. We got a full list of all items, per charity, that were donated and thank you notes with the tax IDs of all the groups we helped!

The house will not be quickly put on the market for a good price, at the right time (Summer).

I highly recommend Moving Green Today, LLC!
Karin and Jeff Taylor, San Jose, CA
July 2020
I recently attended Moving Green Today LLC's Clean Out with individual sales during COVID-19, and was very impressed with how they have pivoted to offer a one-on-one shopping experience during this pandemic. I made an appointment and when I arrived, found all the staff in masks and gloves, and everything in the home was expertly displayed and organized. The staff was very helpful and allowed me to leisurely browse everything with no pressure to buy (or "compete" with another shopper!). I found a few wonderful items and am so pleased with the whole experience. I will definitely recommend this company to my clients and look forward to attending Moving Green Today LLC's next individual estate sale!

All the very, very best to you!!!
Los Gatos, California
Janet Souza, Sereno Group Real Estate
July 2020
Dear Leslie,

I really enjoyed meeting you at our Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce Meeting. Your business is very much needed to help Sellers deal with all their belongings that they need to get rid of. I've experienced many Sellers who are stuck and overwhelmed about listing their home due to all the work it takes to clean things up.

Many times my husband has helped me box up items for my Clients. I'm sure your Clients are so grateful after you're done helping them.

Look forward to our meeting again, soon.
Patti Allmon, Realtor Coldwell Banker, CA DRE# 01337313
March 2020
Leslie and Staff,

Thank you so much for your amazing assistance to work on our parents home.

As you know, we tried several times to chip away at getting over 50 years of items cleaned out, sorted, inventoried, sold and donated. It was a long and tedious process.

Thankfully our family friend told us about Moving Green Today LLC.You and your team took a long list of factors and concerns that we had and managed to do the impossible - Get the house cleaned out!

We are appreciate of all of your hard work. We can now enjoy our visits with our elderly parents, instead of feeling the burden of spending time sorting and cleaning. We would rather spend time with them!

I will be recommending your services to others that I know in the same situation.

Best To You All,

Sonya and Mark Paz
Santa Clara, California
Sonya and Mark Paz
October 2019
Hi Leslie,

My name is Carol Malmquist. You might not remember me but last April 2018 you held an estate sale for my family's house in San Jose. My mother (Marie Price) had died and my sister and I live in Washington State which made logistics rather hard for disposing of her household. Your name had been given to me by our realtor Renee Ross. You and I discovered our connection to the Odd Fellows Organization. Am I ringing a bell of recognition?

The reason I am writing is that it's been just over a year since Mom passed away and I've had a lot of time to digest the events that occurred. My sister (Diane) and I have talked many times of how blessed we were to have met you and the immense burden you lifted off our shoulders. Leslie, I truly hope you and your company recognize the value of your work and the help you give. Without your help I probably would still be trying to clean up and disperse all that was in the house -- 60 years worth of items.

While I'm truly sad at losing my Mother and having to leave our past behind I know it's 'part of life' that we all must deal with. You, however, have made the transition in that loss easier to bear by your help. I (and I'm speaking for Diane as well) truly appreciate what you did for us and I thank God you came into our lives when you did.

Thank you and God Bless and keep you healthy so you can continue in sharing your blessings with others.

Carol Malmquist
Washington State
Carol Malmquist
March 2019

I received your package today. I'm so over-whelmed I don't think I can adequately respond with the gratitude both my sister Diane, and I feel toward you and your crew. That we received a check from you was a welcome surprise. That you did SO much work for so little reward was humbling. The detail you provided for all that was there, all that sold and all that was donated was incredible. And you were so very sweet and kind to return the pictures you found and the paper I gave to my mother those many years ago. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Leslie, I have absolutely no experience with estate sales but if I were to judge them based on my personal experience with you and your company I would suggest that this is a way to not only help heal when one is dealing with the loss of loved ones but also a way to mitigate the added stress that accompanies such a loss.

Once again I cannot thank you and your crew enough for the kindness and thoroughness you exhibited during this whole process. Diane, Bill and I are forever grateful to all of you and wish you all the best for continued success with your company. You're a top notch group and you deserve all the accolades you can get.

With gratitude,
Carol, Bill & Diane
May 2018

From the beginning of this endeavor I was impressed with your work ethic and attention to detail. While I only met one of your co-workers I was confident in your company's ability to follow through with everything we talked about. You are very thorough and I (and my sister) are very grateful. I'm so glad Renee suggested your company as we were over-whelmed with the need to protect my parent's privacy and divest ourselves of their possessions in the most respectful manner. You did just that for us and again, we are extremely grateful.

That we ended up with an Oddfellow's connection was frosting on the cake. I will follow through on my promise to write you a note about my father's association with the Oddfellow's--at least to the best of my recollection. We have currently been working hard on mom's trust issues and re-doing our own trust so it might be a little while but I will do what I said I would.

I'm really sorry you found more hazardous waste. We really thought we went through everything and disposed of it all. Apparently we didn't pay close enough attention. Again, I'm sorry.

I hope you are able to take a bit of a breather before you launch into your next adventure. You provide a valuable resource for many and most especially for people like us who don't live near our loved ones.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And please thank your co-workers too. We don't know what we would have done without you.

Carol & Diane
May 2018
This short letter of recommendation is to show our appreciation for a job above and beyond the call of duty by Moving Green Today (the name of the company). After being left "high and dry" from an individual that had promised to help us with our Mother's estate we felt overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to clear a residence of 65 years of accumulation. After a google search for people that conduct estate sales we happened upon Leslie and her team. They responded immediately to our needs and put us at ease with there knowledge and professional approach.

Given the task at hand was dumped on Leslie with only two weeks to prepare to organize for disposal, donation and sale of this estate, we were completely impressed with the outcome of help and support she provided. She was fair and reasonable with her fees and needless to say we were completely satisfied.

We greatly appreciated her help and expert advice. She receives our greatest thanks and highest recommendation.
Sincerely James and Diane Jespersen
May 2018
Leslie and the Moving Green Today Team were a delight to work with on a conservatorship estate liquidation! They offered multiple options for generating income for the estate, were professional in all dealings and provided excellent documentation. Without hesitation I would choose Moving Green Today for future estate projects.

San Jose, CA 95112
Stephanie Johnson, LCSW - Director of Conservatorship/Guardianship
April 2018
I was moving on short notice and couldn’t take much with me. I made contact with Moving Green Today and in under a week they inventoried my house, found a charity I was proud to donate to and had them come to claim the goods. The whole process was handled with care, attention, and love. I recommend them to everyone.
Tim Kolar
March 2018

My thanks to you and your team in facilitating our move to AZ! You truly “lightened” my load and I certainly would recommend Moving Green Today to anyone who needs assistance/guidance in selling their home. What at first appears to be an over-whelming task now turns out to be manageable.

You and your professional team made it so and everyone was so pleasant that the hours went by too quickly. Joe joins me in commending you for a job certainly well done!

Best Regards,
Barbara G
January 2018
The task of cleaning out my parents’ home was daunting. They had been married over 60 years and had lived in the same house for over 40 years. Leslie, and the Moving Green Team, cleaned out the entire house. Items that did not sell on at the estate sale were donated to many local charities. The team walked us through the emotionally difficult process with sincere compassion and caring. The records Leslie provided us were meticulous. We are grateful for having found Moving Green Today!
Chris, Saratoga
October 2017
Hi Dear Leslie, I was so happy to visit your marvelous Estate Sale and was thrilled to find things I could use too! The two dresses are very soft and flattering and I will enjoy wearing them with or without a sweater…very versatile! I also found some useful cleaning products and that saves me a trip to the store as well! I am always so impressed by your organizational skills…I love the signs such as “empty closet”, “public restroom”…you make everything so clear and easy to shop. Your staff is polite, helpful and knowledgeable. You have the best sales and I love seeing the familiar faces of your super staff and of course I love seeing my dear cousin and saying “hi” for a moment and exchanging a hug! You are amazing and your homeowners are blessed to have you helping them. I hope and pray the rest of your weekend goes well and is a great success!
Much love, Your Cousin Susie Woodford
October 2017
Dear Leslie,
I wanted to say thank you to you and your Moving Green team.

When my father passed away it was virtually impossible for my brother and me to grasp the tasks of emptying our home for over 65 years. We couldn't even determine where to begin.

Enter Moving Green Today, our lifesaver!

Your team provided us with a plan, took enormous care and successfully completed an estate sale. What a blessing you are!!

In addition to a successful sale, we were particularly pleased with the fact that NOTHING went into the landfill.

Thank you Leslie. Tom and I wish you and your team continued success.

Forever grateful,
Tom Erickson & Andrea Phillips
Andrea Phillips, Executor for Family Estate in San Jose, CA
April 2017
"Letter of Recommendation"
Leslie and her team are such Pros!

This is a letter of recommendation for Leslie Butlar and her team with Moving Green Today.

After my mother in law died, my father in law, John became ill. He recovered well, but it had become obvious he needed to move in to some kind of adult community for his welfare. We got John settled in a nice place. However, he still needed to sell his house, and we needed to clean out the house in order to do that. I took the lead on trying to find an estate sale company since John was still recovering from his illness, and he simply did not have the "where with all" to focus on the details.

I found on line and found several estate sales in my area. Joh and I attended two estate sales. One estate sale was in Los Altos. I spoke with the estate sale manager about the process. He said, they sold what they could, and after that it was up to the home owner to get rid of everything else. That didn't set well with me because I was looking for a simple solution to getting John's house emptied. Also, the sale was more like a consignment store sale. It was obvious the estate sale company had brought in a lot of outside furniture, art, and jewelry. It seemed the company doing the estate sale was more interested in selling their collection than selling the homeowners things. John and I decided this company wasn't for us.

John and I checked out an estate sale run by Leslie and her team in Los Gatos. Although the house and the contents of the house were a little run down, the organization Leslie and her team had put together were impressive. Signs were up on the street directing us in. The estate sale rules and safety and security signs were up. Sale items were labeled with price tags and displayed as well as possible, and staff members were in every room overseeing the sale and the property. John and I spoke with Leslie and she described her process. She told me her company focused on getting everything out of the house with as little as possible going in to landfills (we avoid it up to 100%). She said everything that could be would be sold. After that things would either go to consignment or repurposed and gifted to the needy. All trash and hazmat would be removed. We were impressed. John and I decided to set up a meeting with Leslie to have her do our estate sale.

We met with Leslie and went over the Estate Sale Agreement. She is very very organized. We agreed on dates, details and costs and signed the contract. All we had to do was take out the things John and the family wanted to keep. Then in April 2016 we handed the house over for the two week period agreed to in the contract. There was clear and sufficient communication all the way through. The sale went smoothly. There were a few items that went to consignment and a few that were donated to chariy. Other than that, the house as spotless and empty. Also, John was happy with the money he made on the sales. Leslie and her team are such Pros! If you need a reliable competent Estate Sale done, call Leslie Butlar at Moving Green Today.

Bruce Johnson, Son-In-Law to Client, Los Altos, California
April 2016
"Letter of Recommendation"
Farm House and Cottage Property Saratoga

To whom it May concern

My family and I turned to Leslie Butlar and Moving Green Today after my mother's death because Leslie was a familiar name from my mother's church (Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church of Saratoga, CA).

Leslie and her team came in and gave a lot of thought to how to help us empty out my mother's home. She patiently waited while we found a new home for my mother's cats and while we worked out how to move some large pieces of furniture across the country to other family member's homes.

Then she started problem solving. We all agreed that a traditional estate sale would not work because of the small size of my mother's cottage, the narrow driveway, and the lack of parking. Leslie's solution was to bring in antique dealers and furniture restorers to "pick" through the house and garage, gather together the items they wanted, and then negotiate with Leslie to come to a fair price.

Everybody was happy. The antique dealers had a good time, Leslie and her team developed a new way of clearing out an estate, and we knew our mother's treasures were going to be given new life.

What was left went to the Friends of Cupertino LIbrary (books) and to STAR Programs (housewares and furniture), which provides housing for youths and young adults in need.

The Saratoga Historical Museum was contacted by Leslie and wonderful historical related farm tools, farm collectibles, and historical California books were donated an added to their museum collection for use in future exhibits and demonstrations. The books were added to the Saratoga History Museum Reference Library, such as a Holy Bible from 1870, a 1883 Gody's Lady's Book, Blacksmith Books of early 18th Century Williamsburg, Magazines of early Ameerican Life, The American Farm, the American West, Santa Clara Rancho, Sierra Club Ancestors, these most memorable.

The Realtor representing the property is Bill Gorman of Saratoga, Coldwell Banker, #1 in Santa Clara Conty 2000-2016 and has sold over $1.7 Billion in combined sales.

The whole process ran smoothly, and Leslie kept meticulous records of what went where. Her energy and enthusiasm made it all look easy. Having her handle this for us was a huge burden lifted from our shoulders. Best,
Ruth McCue Saavedra, Saratoga, CA
August 2016
"I recommend their services to you and your clients"

Dear Fellow Agents,

I wanted to share a contact with you for an Estate Sale company. We were fortunate to have Leslie Butlar, from Moving Green Today, to help us with and Estate House that had an enormous amount of items which had been setting around in a vacant house, for about a year and an accumulation of 60 years. It was more like two households of goods, as much had come from a storage unit. Her team was able to clean up, organize and get the ball rolling. They sold what they could in a dynamic sale that was well aedvertised, what was left they donated to various places. They were considerate of the client and their belongings and the clients could feel like the various things were now loved and wanted. They even found a couple of items that the clients had been looking for that were sentimental to them.

In addition, recommendations for service providers for a spa/hot tub removal and move coordination service providers were offered.

I recommend their services to you and your clients. Leslie's contact is
Judy Faulhaber, Broker Associate Alain Pinel Realtors, Los Altos, California
August 2016
"I thank you on their behalf"
Farm House Clean Out and Phase 2 Barn Clean Out, Saratoga, California

Leslie, You and your crew did a remarkable job under difficult conditions, but since I was not the client, I cannot write a letter of recommendation as you request. I hope you will hear from Bill and Stephen that they are pleased. In any case, I thank you on their behalf.
Mary Lynn Bernald, on behalf of client William D Tennison, Saratoga, CA
June 2016
"Recommendation for Leslie Butlar"

To Whom It May Concern"

Dear Leslie,

We want to thank you for the good job taking care of my parent's estate. I know it was a challenge with others needing access to the house and we appreciate your patience with those situations (and Ron's eye). You and your team persevered and completed the huge task. Kudos! Thanks again.

Linda and Bob Carlough, Butter, Tennessee, and Ronald Howie, Campbell, California
April 2016
Recommendation for Leslie Butlar

My Realtor gave me Leslie Butlar's name and my daughter and I made an appointment to show Leslie my house. I had lived in this five-bedroom house since 1964 with the exception of sever years that I lived overseas. During that time I bought a large number of oriental items. I thought I would be able to have an Estate Sale and then donate the balance that did not sell to charitable organizations.

I met with Leslie in October 2015 and had until early January 2016 to accomplish emptying my house. Although Leslie could not arrange an estate sale per se, she went through every room in the house and made several valuable suggestions as to what we could do.

Leslie connected us with Brenda, of Home Consignment in Mountain View, who took many of our furnishings and art pieces. They have been great.

The thing I found most helpful was that she gave us the names of several organizations and, for each, listed the items she thought they would take. It made it much easier to figure out what to do with everything. She also took several items to sell on eBay, giving us a list of what she had taken.

She came to my home more than once to check in and see how we were doing and made several detailed lists for us to follow.

She was enthusiastic, cheerful and upbeat and I would not hesitate to recommend her for moving things out of the house that you are not taking with you.

Shell Rubenstein, Los Gatos, California
March 2016
"Would I recommend them or use them again? You bet I would!!"

I would like to say first of all that I am not a "garage/estate sale person" and I had no idea what to expect when I hired the team from Moving Green Today!! I did not know that I was selling my home and had a whole lot of stuff that had to be gotten rid of. I had some really nice items and antiques that I didn't want to see just thrown out.

Leslie was very organized and professional in her approach to getting me going to do my part for the sale. I was amazed the first day the team was there to do their pre-sale work!! The tables were set up and in a few short hours you could see how the sale was going to look! Each of the team had a special eye for putting same-type items together and they were very attractively displayed as if it was an antique or find second-hand shop!

The Sale Days I was asked to remain out of the house so I had no idea how well it was going! When I returned on Monday almost everything had been sold or donated and Leslie still had ideas for how to sell a couple of family pieces I hated to see disposed of!! She took her own time to take care of these things right up to the last hour!! Every room and the outside deck left spotless!! Above and Beyond what I would have expected for the very reasonable cost.

Leslie and her team definitely know what they are doing! This is not your neighbor's garage sale bunch!! All comments were how helpful, polite and professional the team was. They also researched a lot of items to be more knowledgeable.

Would I recommend them or use them again? You bet I would!!

Thank you Moving Green Today for an excellent job!!
Lindsay M. Catteron, Los Gatos, Californa
March 2016
"Expression of Confidence in Leslie and her Team"

I would like to recommend Leslie Butlar of Moving Green Today. I have used her company many times and Leslie has always taken exceptional care of my clients. I know once I introduce Moving Green Today to my clients that all will go smoothly.

Moving Green Today does a professional job working with clients in a difficult situation. They are well organized, knowledgeable and kind. Once a schedule has been created I know I can count on Leslie to keep that timeline. Our most recent project was an Estate Sale July 24 to 26, 2015 at 1090 Remsen Court, Sunnyvale, CA.

The Dave Clark Team would like to express our confidence in Leslie and our desire to work with Moving Green Today in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.
Dave Clark, Realtor Keller Williams, San Jose
October 2015
"Thank You again"

I wanted to give special thanks to Moving Green Today. Leslie Butlar and her team are wonderful. From start to finish they were a joy to work with. Moving Green Today had an Estate Sale for one of my clients that had to sell his father's home because he passed away in the past year. Leslie and her team were very empathetic to my clients situation and yet very professional! The home is located in San Jose and they were able to condut the sale at my seller's convenience. Leslie's communication was amazing. The higer-valued collectibles remaining from the Estate Sale were placed on EBay and donations facilitated to "The Movers and Shakers" Furniture Minsitry, which works together with Leslie's Church of Saratoga Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church. Additional donations were performed to the Goodwill of Silicon Valley with detailed inventories and receipts provided to the client from each.

I am planning to utilize her services again and continue to refer Moving Green Today to anyone I may know who would benefit from their vast services and resources. Please feel free to call us.
Thank you again and Best Regards, Laura Bonafede Odom, The Bonafede Team, CSR Real Estate Services, San Jose
April 2015
"Recommendation for Leslie Butlar"
"Finding that degree of honesty and integrity is a rare now a day!"

I had recently lost my mother and was in desperate need of emptying out her house. After meeting with several estate sale representatives, I called Leslie. It was apparent as soon as Leslie walked in that she didn't view the house house and its contents with a dollar sign. She honestly wanted to do what was BEST for my wife and me. After talking and taking her through the house, she informed us she would not be able to do the Estate Sate for us. Rather than excusing herself, she sat down with us and helped us come up with an alternative strategy. Though she could not help us she did not want to leave without discussing options with me. Finding that degree of honesty and integrity is a rare now a day. I am glad I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Leslie. She really made what could have been a very stressful occasion, manageable.
Boaz Dishon, Saint Emillion, Mountain View, CA
March 2015
"Glowing Recommendation from a Family Friend of the Client"

Wow! Leslie what an outstanding job you and your team did for an Estate Sale last weekend.

First, when the home went on the market it "showed" beautifully because of the cleaning out and tidying up by Moving Green Today. You certainly had your work cut out for you but what you achieved was mind-boggling.

The house as cleared out of non-saleable items - some going to charity and some being just recycled. The items that remained for the Estate Sale were displayed in a well-organized and easy to view manner. You had plenty of staff present to answer questions and be of assistance to the shoppers. Your keeping us, friends of the homeowner, posted on the process was most considerate. It was very nice to know that the home's contents and the Estate Sale were in such competent hands. The end result: disposal of the contents of the home was achieved. Even the sale of a car and a piano. Your team left the home in excellent condition for the new owners.

Kudos to you and all your staff for the expertise, coordination and knowledge each one brought to the project.

Congratulations on a job well done! Sincerely,
Ro Taylor, Friends of the Homeowner, San Jose, CA
February 2015
"We knew there was a lot to deal with!"

Dear Leslie!

Thank you very much for all y our assistance and diligence helping with the Estate Sale for my mother in Sunnyvale recently. We knew there was a lot to deal with and we couldn't have done it without you and your team. We appreciate your belief in finding things a second home by sales, donations, or recycling, and that is definitely important to us. We are happy recommend Moving Green Today to anyone interested in having an Estate Sale event in the Bay Area. Your kindness to us, while dealing with leaving a family home of almost 50 years, was greatly appreciated. You accomplished everything from set up, execution, and clean-up of the Estate Sale just as previewed on our timeline, knowing that you took on this project with little lead time, so we are truly grateful for all your efforts.

Thank you again so much!
Donna Stadtfeld and Connie Campbell, Sunnyvale
December 2014
" I HIGHLY recommend them"

These guys - Moving Green Today are great! when my mother passed away recently, I was faced with the daunting task of "disposing" everything in the house. I hate using the word "disposing" as that sounds too clinical.

Anyway, this professional Estate Sale Company, Moving Green Today came in, inventoried the entire house, pulled everything out of the closets, cleaned up everything, put everything on display, and then staged a 3-day phenomenal Estate Sales Event. Very professional and organized. What didn't sell was donated to charities.

I'm extremely pleased and grateful that they helped me during this difficult time!

I HIGHLY recommend them!
Vince Black, Cupertino, CA
July 2014
"You did an Excellent Job"


You did an excellent job" Thank you for all your follow up. You've been a true professional...I'll definitely recommend you and your team to fellow agents and clients.

Please email me your business card, perhaps you have an electronic copy saved somewhere? That will allow me to easily advertise for you on our sites.

Thank you very much!
Ryan Mull, Kristen Mull, Realtors Windermere Valley Properties, San Jose, CA
March 2014

Dear Leslie: WOW!! Leslie, you and your team are amazing. The emotional and physical "load" you took off our shoulders cannot be adequately described in words. Speaking for everyone in the Chuck and Ruth Edmond's family, we are grateful you were the ones to handle our parent's belongings. We knew you would do an excellent job with the Estate Sale at Sierra Creek Way, San Jose. We had no idea it would be done with such consideration and respect for our parent's memory. That is a gift beyond price.
Carolyn A Edmonds, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate, Puget Sound, Washington
March 2014
"I will never use any other company other than yours from now on!"

Dear Leslie,

I just want to thank you so much for all your hard work with the Estate Sale for my clients, Steve and Pam Laherran. this was such an emotional and difficult time for them. They had lost both of their parents within just a few months of each other. I have never met a more compassionate person who understands the grieving process so well. After having their parents live in the same home for over 60 years and growing up there in a loving, happy family there made it even more difficult for them to process the grief. Your company is absolutely phenomenal from start to finish! I would recommend you to anyone! I have used other companies in the past not knowing about Moving Green Today. I will never use any other company other than yours from now on. Your vast amount of resources, your kind and caring nature and the way you make sure everything is given back into the community makes you stand out from all the rest. You made it easier for me as a realtor to help my clients and do my job more efficiently. I am grateful to have you as part of my team. Thank you again so much. Sincerely,
Kristen Constantino, Realtory World Constantino Team, Broker/Owner, San Jose
October 2014
"I was so impressed...There was virtually no waste or garbage!"

I would like to express how impressed I was by Leslie Butlar and her team's professionalism and thoughtfulness in their handling of my client's Estate Sale at 1020 Prune Ct. in Sunnyvale. I have seen many other companies deal with Estate Sales in the past, but non compare to how efficient, organized and professionally Leslie and her team handled this very difficult process. I was also impressed by the number of contacts and resources that Leslie has available to help her get the job done! There was virtually no waste or garbage. Everything that did not sell, found another home either through being recycled or donated to a charitable organization. Leslie was very caring of the client during this time of mourning and grief. It takes a very special person to be able to deal with people during theses times. In conclusion, I will recommend Leslie and her Team to anyone that may need the services of an Estate Sale Specialist. Sincerely,
Phil Billiet, Broker/Owner, Better Homes Realty, San Jose
May 2013
"I was impressed with Moving Green Today's Professionalism"

I was impressed with Leslie and Moving Green Today's team professionalism and how they handled the Estate Sale of my Mother's Duplex at 2324 Patricia Drive, Santa Clara. Leslie and her Team had many contacts come to the estate sale and they work very well together. When the Sale was over, Leslie and her Team cleaned everything up and left the property spotless. In conclusion, I would recommend Leslie and her Moving Green Today Team to anyone who is looking for someone who is Caring and Hard Working. Sincerely,
Pat McLean of San Jose
October 2013
"Genuinely cared about Everyone involved"

Shortly after our Mother passed away we were presented with the daunting task of what to do with all of her possessions. Some of course had great sentimental value and our family divided those items amongst ourselves. However, fifty years of possessions remained. After interviewing several firms specializing in estate sales, it was clear that Moving Green Today was the best fit for us. Leslie was very clear about what she could do for us and when. It wasn't just the mechanical process of removing the possessions from the house that impressed us, but it was clear that she genuinely cared about everyone involved. It was truly amazing how our house was transformed! The Estate Sale went smoothly and was a great success due to an impressive marketing campaign. Thanks again, Leslie.
Dick Thompson, Trustee of The Thompson Family Trust, Sunnyvale
May 2013
"Daunting Job"

...thru the whole process Leslie was there taking command of the situation and getting the job completed in an amazing professional way. Leslie is there to help in every aspect of the move.

Without Leslie and her wonderful staff and network of people this would have been too daunting a job for these clients. Leslie stepped up to provide any service they might need.

When you are in the midst of chaos and turmoil and still really like the person who is separating you from your lifetime possessions, that is a person you ant to help you over and over.
Eileen Bosch, Realtor, Alain Pinel, Saratoga
August 2012
Hi Leslie,

I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed myself coming to your estate sale! It was like being a kid in a candy shop and not knowing what to pick up first. Your staff were very helpful in their assistants to me. The entire experience was very positive for me.

I am now on your email list and will be attending your future sales.
Vicki Cirner
April 2019
Thank you Leslie for allowing us to pre shop your sale. I must admit I am having a hard time deciding whether to sell these items or hoard them & add them to my existing collection of like items.

The amount of different collections were amazing. Your staff & you were so patient with all of us & beyond helpful. I usually shop your sales & this one was on the top of my list.
I look forward to your next sale & cant wait to see whats left. There were so many items that I wanted to purchase but I was already over my limit.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Thank you again Lori.
April 2019

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