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    Moving Green Today LLC joins together with Passionate Partnerships in support of our local Non-Profits, and Church Ministries. We are 100% committed to re-purpose and donate all remaining items to fulfill the needs of our community.





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Full House Auction Consignment | Appraisal Connections

Full House Auction Consignment – Appraisal Connections for your high-end valuables

We coordinate and present your entire household, furniture and every piece of your precious high-end valuables to a local House Auction, whether a single item or your entire household for Auction. Some examples of Auction Consignment may be: Fine Asian embroidered wedding gown, 3 Silver Gods, a pale blue Fine Asian plate, collectable Gibson Guitars, Italian Fine Violins, Italian Mandolins with Mother of Pearl, String Banjos, Antique Furniture, precious Asian Woodcuts, Fine Artwork, Fine Jewelry, Mahogany Tables, Roman Surgical Instruments, Quartz Clocks, Assorted Pottery and Glassware, Ceramic Table Lamps from Europe, Children’s Books and Almanacs, households, rugs, lamps, vintage records and magazine to mention some recently consigned items. We also coordinate the selling of a “special collection”, for example large stamp, coin, military, and aircraft memorabilia.

  • We inventory all your property, take detailed photos, present detailed photo links to the Auction House for review. We present the Master Agreement to the client for their acceptance and interface with the Auction representatives. Throughout the Auction Process, Moving Green Today is your personalized advocate.
  • We may also set-up single “Appraisal Connections ” appointments with the Auction House specialists. This means driving your special object to the Auction House for an onsite appraisal.
  • We also send photos/photos links of full households to be consigned/and of any “larger than life objects” to the Auction House for their preview and suitability.
  • We manage (and we are on-site at your house during the move) the full move with our preferred Moving Company to ensure your belongings are safely delivered and received at the Auction House.
  • We photograph the on-site move during packing and loading of the furniture and households and present you with a detailed photo link (also in CD format) so you can remember what items you consigned.

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When your property is listed in either the Estate Sale or Annex Auction, or in another Fine Asian Auction, Mid Century Auction, Arts and Crafts, Fine Jewelry Auction, we attend the Auction on your behalf and “call you” letting you know your items have sold successfully.


  • Areas of coverage: Silicon Valley Communities, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, and the border of San Jose.